Artist Machines and Interactive Devices Article : Sensor band and Atau Tanaka

Sensorband is a trio of instrumentalist who performed during 1993 to 2003. The trio consists of Atau Tanaka, Edwin van der Heide and Zbigniew Karkowski.  Sensorband is described as a “sensor instrument ensemble”. Each band member plays a virtual instrument which “captures gestures and corporeal movements” in order to create melodious sonic streams and pulses. Each musician uses interactive electronics in order to create music from “bioelectric signals, infrared and ultrasound”. One of the musician’s, Atau Tanaka utilizes a device called the BioMuse.

Atau Tanaka is a Japanese/American artist based in Paris, France. Tanaka, a composer and performer in the field of technology and music, “creates music for sensor instruments, wireless network infrastructures, and democratized digital forms”. Due to his knowledge of digital data he has adapted a device called the BioMuse. The BioMuse is a multi-purpose “neural interface/biocontroller”. This device allows the performer to create music with physical gestures and neural activity while using a hand-held controller.  A sensor on the devise captures these gestures and translates them into digital data.

It is interesting to witness each musicians creating harmonious sounds, in absence of traditional physical instruments. Believe it would be fair to state what a peculiar experience it would be to witness the creation of this virtual symphony of sound.


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