Live and Interactive Cinema: Late Fragment by the Canadian Film Center

Late Fragment is North America’s first dramatic interactive feature film. It was written and directed by Mateo Guez, Daryl Cloran and Anita Doron. A product of the Canadian Film Center, this 168 minute long interactive film lets the audience piece together and experience the cinematic narrative in a number of ways.

According to the backgrounder on the film’s Facebook group page, “Late Fragment also retains the focus on complex character-driven stories surrounding love, hate, death, revelation and justice.” The story revolves around three strangers whose lives are shredded by acts violence. An article on notes that there are “3 acts, 9 chapters, 3 endings, 139 scenes, 380 components, 10 loops and 10 rabbit holes”. The viewer as the option to click “enter” to continue on with one character’s storyline, or scene or click another film clip to view another storyline.

Late Fragment is the first project created and produced, through the CFC Media Lab’s, which is primarily designed for a DVD platform. Since this film is primarily designed for the DVD platform it may explain why upon watching the online Demo, navigating through the various storylines proved to be slightly challenging. CFC Media Lab has been experimenting with the creation, development, and production of the interactive films since 1997. For information on the film, please visit


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