Game Play : Myfanwy Ashmore’s Mario Battle No. 1.

In 2000 Ashmore’s hacked into the Super Mario Brothers game ROM and significantly modified the video game. In Myfanwy Ashmore’s Mario trilogy, “gamers are invited to play” a hacked version of the Super Mario Brothers battle no. 1. In the game Ashmore removes all of the architectural gaming elements within the first level of the game, leaving a blank landscape in which Mario perpetually walks along.
By hacking into the game Ashmore has “modified the video games by exploiting glitches in the code, adding or removing elements in the game and isolating specific visual components”.
On, Ashmore notes that she “removed all of the enemies, performance enhancing drugs, money, and architecture from the game so all that you can do is jump, walk, run around and dance in the landscape with the bushes and the grass and the mountains. Eventually you run out of time and die.”
By removing the elements of game play Ashmore effectively illustrates the purpose and importance of the game’s competitive particularities and user challenging components.


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