THE MOMENT: Revelations and Realizations

The Moment

As a mature student, returning to attain my bachelors degree has been a peculiar journey. My moment occurred while on my way to another family luncheon. A familial assembly where I would be assaulted by screaming children, questioned by inquiring relatives and enduring discussions regarding life matters, which I have yet to experience.
As I entered the elevator and started my ascent to the 8th floor, I noticed that couples surrounded me. This normally would be something I would not even notice but at that moment, this revelation made me rather uneasy and a little despondent. As the illuminated numbers turned from two to three to four, I came to realize that, though I was about to meet with family, I was rather alone in my journey of a new career and a new life. The days of relaying on my parents for advise and consolation was coming to an end.

The Moment by Iphia Henry


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