Scenarios and Big Project!

How Quickly Could You Get Perfection?

Jake walks into a room to find a large life size blue and red board lay on the floor in the corner of the room. As he walks closer to the board with increased curiosity, he notices twelve various shapes aligned on the board. To the left of the large carefully placed colorful creation are twelve large yellow items about 4 feet high, each shaped exactly like the voided shapes aligned on the floor.
Jake is tempted to start arranging the large shapes onto the colorful board but is immediately approached by a large chinned gentleman dressed in a blue and yellow business suite. He utters to Jake, “Can you attain perfection?” He then informs Jake about what he needed to do with the blue board and the large yellow pieces. You see in order for him to leave the room, he had to place the diverse yellow shapes on the corresponding shapes on the board. Jake becomes intrigued “This is easy he thought”. The gentleman motioned Jake to the large shapes. “Now “say the gentleman, “you have 30 seconds to complete this task. Make sure all the shapes are matched and nothing is knocked over in the process”. “30 Seconds?” Jake exclaimed, but before he could say another word, a buzzer sounded and it was time! He quickly grabbed a shape and ran across the board to the corresponding shape on the floor. As he ran back and forth he quickly organized the shapes, unfortunately knocking over a few in process! But that did not deter him, this was exciting he thought! Soon another buzzer sound rang in the air. Jake stopped in his frenzy. He was then instructed to step back and assess his task. To his dismay, a few shapes were knocked over and two were yet to be placed on the board. “Oh so close but yet so far” yelled the large chinned gentleman! “Would you like to try again?” he asked. Jake paused for a moment then yelled “Certainly, lets DO IT”!

By Iphia Henry


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