Iphia’s Restaurant Experience


Factors that encouraged the group to visit John Rockets were the location; it was at a central spot where everyone could easily access. No one from the group had every eaten at the establishment. It appeared to be within everyone’s budget and most of the participants in the group where curious of the retro inspired restaurant.

Walk way from the front door to our table

Retro Diner signage


When I arrived at the restaurant, some of the group participants where already seated at one of the booths. Upon arrival, there was no signage directing me to a seating area. The main counter was located a few feet in front of the entrance and the booths were arranged along the large window and sidewalls. There were about 8 smaller tables with accompanying chairs within the centre for the restaurant. I should note that from outside the restaurant did appear a lot larger, but once inside it was evident that that was not the case. When I finally sat down I realized that red booths were large enough for sit 8 of us. By the time we all sat down there were 9 individuals with one person seating on a chair.

Not a fan of struggling with my FOOD!

Dan working on his burger



















Laid out on the diner booth table were knives, forks, and napkins. Towards the centre of the table were various jars and container for the condiments, napkin dispenser and tube-like dispenser for straws. The table was a little over crowded with the condiment containers. The waiter was helpful by providing menus to those who arrived at various times. The menu was easy to read and maintained the retro ambiance. When the food finally arrived and I started indulging in the burger and fries lunch that was served to me. After devouring the first few bits of the burger, I began to realize that it really was not as enjoyable as I thought. First thing, the chicken burger was a little too big for me. The chicken steak was ill fitted for the burger buns and keep slipping out of my hands each time I tried to take a bit into it. The fries were less than desirable. They were bland and void of salt or flavor. The soft drinks were served in large retro glass, which were a little over-sized for me. Finishing the burger was messy and rather annoying.

Some of the many containers on the table

The large root beer. Did they not have a smaller size?

It's not christmas....thats for sure



















After the waiter picked up the empty plates, we were all provided bills for our portions. Once we were ready to pay those who had opted to pay with bankcards were informed that the debit machine was no working. The ATM at the entrance was not working either so a few of use had to venture to bank machines outside of the store in order for us to pay for our mails. That added more discontent and frustration with the service and quality of food, which had encountered. (I had to wait a little more than 10 minutes at a TD Bank line up in order to get the cash so I could pay for my meal). Once I returned to the restaurant it was clear that most of us were not pleased with the service or the meals, which were served.

Was it really worth this much?? REALLY?














After the experience at the restaurant, I would have to say that the quality of the meal was what I took from this episode. I was not overly   agitated by the fact that I had to venture out in the cold to find an alternative way to pay for the expensive service. Was more irked by that fact that the terrible lunch did not justify the unnecessarily expensive cost of the meal.


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