Audio Podcasts by Iphia Henry

Below are 3 podcasts which I have created for the past few days!

1968 Painting

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Project Proposal : The Silent Gesture

The Silent Gesture created by Mark Stoddart is painting depicting historical civil rights in the year 1968 mostly focusing on the image of Tommie Smith.

In my concept which would be a tribute to the “Silent Gesture” painting, I would create a video project which would be mounted on a wall. The painting would be showcased within the evolving edited video of repetitive digital images. The original painting would be the main focus of the art piece but will be continuously “evolving” in a repetitive stream of images.

Digital photographs of Tommie Smith in his historic stance with his arm raised high would be fading in and out and sometimes overlapping. The painted rendering of the numbers “1968” will be consistent and will not change. Instead of only placing emphasis on Tommie Smith and the numbers “1968”, as in the original, more digital images would be incorporated.

Since 1968 was a historic year in the American civil rights movement, faded images of Dr. Marten Luther King, lincoln Alexander, and John Carlos will also appear and fade away into the background. This additional element, will still convey the message which Mark Stoppard was portraying in his original painting. This video component would still highlight “1968” and Tommie Smith but the addition of significant digital images of events which transpired during that year would further emphasis the importance of the year 1968.

Translator II: Grower art installation

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Project Proposal: Translator II: Grower

Translator II: Grower is a mechanical art installation which is built to interact with the audiences in whatever room it is placed in.

The art installation is made out of a small wheeled vehicle, sensors and small aerosol device, filled with paint, which is placed at the top of the rod which extends about a few inches high from the robotics wheeled base. There will be a sensor mounted high up on a wall in the room, transmitting signals to the wheeled robot below.

The sensors which as placed on the robot would also detect the carbon dioxide in the air. It will spray a single vertical line of paint on the wall and will repeat the process over ever few millimetres. The amount of paint sprayed and the height of the lines depends on how much carbon dioxide is in the enclosed room. In order for the audience to participate in this art installation, I would have two performance artist, who are a part of the art installation, to paint trees where the wheeled robot has previously painted on the lines on the wall.

The audience would inform the human painters where they should paint the trees and what size they would be.

During the process not only would be audience be participating involuntarily with the robot, but they would be willing participating in this installation by interacting with the human painters who are a “human” component of the artistic performance. This additional “human” element which is added to this installation would be a metaphor of how machines and humans can work together to maintain and improve nature. The painted grass on the walls which are created due to the CO2 levels which are detected by the sensors on the robot, shows how much planet life needs humans to thrive.

The human performers in the installation is a metaphor of how we can contribute to improving the environment on our planet. The audience interacting with the performs shows how all humans must become proactive and aware of nature and the environment. I believe that this added human element would fit into this art installation hence encouraging the audience to voluntarily participate. The mechanical art installation would become a more active experience.

Sleeping Beauty digital art

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Project Proposal: Sleeping Beauty

Chrome Underwood’s digital painting “Sleeping Beauty” is a collage of various images which have been distorted and recycled in order to produce his virtual SecondLife paintings. Since all the artwork which this avatar has created are digital in origin, the tribute work which I would create would be produced in a similar fashion.

Chrome Underwood uses various images which he has found in SecondLife and online in order to produce a collage of digital components.

In my version of Sleeping Beauty, the creation of the digital painting would be made only by photos which I have previously taken. We all have photographs just laying around waiting to become fine art. As stated before, this collage art would be created by photographs which were previously taken by myself. The combining of random very simple paintings, which can be easily produced, and digital photographs manipulated in photoshop will produce various interpretation of an art piece which would be more of a original.

Since there are many issues that would arise with using other peoples photographs, such as violating the original owner’s rights. There is also the ethical issue that someone like Chrome Underwood is basically using something that he did not originally create.

Using digital images which one has taken previously would stretch the boundaries of one’s own creativity. I believe that this more honest method of creating a digital collage would fit into the Criss Museum of Contemporary art exhibition. The digital artwork which would be presented would be more original and would help the artist avoid the risk of breaking any copyright violations.


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