Video Project

Below are two links for the video project.

The first production was created using Final Cut Pro and Motion 4. After overcoming various file compatibility issues, and exporting problems this was the result.

This second video clip was only created in Final Cut Express and the editing issues, which I encountered, were resolved. Below is the FINAL video for this project.


The video submission is a short film production called 30 Coconut Macaroons. It is a small video production that is set in a kitchen, where a young baker is preparing to tackle a culinary project. During the baking process, a melodic acoustic guitar is heard cheerfully playing in the background.
The theme that inspired this video piece was “Firsts”. The film documents the young baker through the process of her creating the colorful sweet confectioner, the pink coconut macaroons, for the first time. The film highlights the methods and ingredients she uses to create the tasty pink treats.
During the production and editing process the final video had to be altered in order to properly document the baker’s culinary journey; yet adhere to the theme, which was presented. Initially, the goal was to focus on the final product of the bakers creation, but due to the length of the video piece and editing issues, the whimsical ending with the cookies carefully being laid out on a plate, spelling out “The End” had to be eliminated. The video finally had to be edited, and the focus of the video piece was placed on the method and ingredients that the baker used in order to attain her final culinary production. The baker is introduced in the first clip along with her ingredients, which she starts to carefully place within her mixing bowl. Once her ingredients have all been added and she then skillfully mixes the ingredients and we watch as the sugary substance in the bowl beings to turn pink. Once she is satisfied with what she has produces she lays them all in a cooking sheet which she then places carefully into the oven. With in what appears to be only seconds, the young baker opens the oven to reveal the warm baked cookies, which are now ready to be devoured.
This video piece captures the culinary experience of the baker. The viewer is placed in the kitchen with the baker as she prepares the cookies and the eventual final product that are the pink baked cookies, which are placed on top of the oven for us to enjoy.  While viewing the video, the one would become intrigued by what the baker is trying to accomplish and what would the final product look like. It was best to present this experience visually to evoke feelings of curiosity and anticipation while we capture the baker’s method and process to achieving her culinary goal for the first time.

Story Board:

SIDE NOTE: the production process for this project was extremely challenging. This was my very first time creating and editing a video.
Anyways, the files that were exported from the camcorder were not compatible and Log and Transfer in Final Cut Pro would not recognize any of the files. After hours of online research, I finally attained a FREE software, called HandBrake 0.9.4 for MAC OS, which I was able to download. HandBrake 0.9.4 converted all 28 of my MTS files to MP4 files. Unfortunately, Final Cut also did not recognize these files. I resorted to research ways to convert the MP4 files and thankfully was informed by one of my classmates that iMovie would convert the MP4 files to QuickTime movie files, which I should be able to open and work with in Final Cut Pro. I imported each single MP4 file into iMovie converted the clips one by one. After each clips was converted I was then able to open the files in Final Cut Pro and proceed with the project. I inquired with a few other classmates, to find out if anyone else had the same issues but most informed me that Log and Transfer or Log and Capture worked for them.

Up to this point I am still not sure why so many issues arose with the files. Would like to know how in the future I would be able to create videos without having to go through this very lengthy and time-consuming file preparation process. So if anyone is able to inform me what other methods I could use in order to avoid this issue, kindly comment and let me know.
Thank you.


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