Vblog Video Response- What is Digital Culture.

The digital culture which exist today is created and experienced through the use of various forms of technology. Over the past 20 years digital culture has become an extension of our society.

I would state that this culture which we are all living in, technology has become a very important part of our lives. I believe as a society especially in North America, we take for granted the fact that we could call family or friends on portable cell phones, listen to music where ever we want or surf the internet without having to worry about dial-up. For example, sending an actual mailed letter to a family member aboard has become a tedious task since sending an email to someone 400 miles away only takes seconds.

According to Charlie Gere author of the book Digital Culture, he states that New Media has contributed to converging digital forms such as the internet, interactive video games and computer devices to produce a seamless digital mediascape.

We are in a living in a time where, if at work or school we are surrounded by technology and a growing portion of our lives is controlled digitally and in fact, a lot of the information we attain is mostly though our technological devices such as computer, cell phones, digital music, high definition television, digital cameras, and the Internet..

Also, during my research, I found out that with in this digital culture one would say that there are Digital Natives and Digital Immigrants. Digital Natives are those individuals who were born into this new of technology. Digital Immigrants are people that have adapted to this digital culture.

I would have to say that digital culture is a culture of convenience and is a part of our society that is here to stay.


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