My Experience in Second Life!

For the past few weeks, I’ve allocating short moments of time for me to sightsee in Second Life. At first I was aimlessly just teleporting myself around in order to see what was out there. This led me into a few questionable places, which I had to quickly retreat from.
Recently while googleing Top Ranked places to visit in Second Life, I came across these rather cool spots.
Below are a few links, which I would like to share. Will go into more detail regarding a few in my Vimeo link.


Adelaide was another recommended location to visit in Second Life. It’s picturesque and tranquile. Meet a gentleman who exclaimed that he would visit this location to “relax”.

Did some sightseeing…and meet a few characters during my visit.

Above image is from Flotsom Beach……another suggested location for Second Lifer’s. Below is a gallery I happened to view while “walking” around the area.

Below is Help Island, a great spot for new avatars to meet with other newbies. I got a chance to chat with a few avatars who were either new to SL or have been exploring for some time.


Got to opportunity to meet with a Second Life who shared with me what she has been a member for over 3 years. A 54 year old married mother who become a programmer.

Will continue to post more as I continue on my journey. I must state that Second Life is not my cup-of-tea. On an average, I personally do not have 4 hours in my day to venture around and chat with random strangers. I will acknowledge the educational benefits of using this interface to learn more about New Media and any other topic which may grab the attention of the participants. Also see how beneficial it would be to use this program if you are person who is unable to converse with people in real life, either due to  shyness, suffering from any antisocial behavior due to psychological issues, or a physical disability.

Below is my video documentation of my experience:



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