HTML huh?

OK…after weeks of confusion, I finally figured it out! Was able to build my website page using only TextEdit and HTML on my MAC!  Thankfully there are countless online tutorials, which are there to assist novice designs to plunge into the world on Hypertext Markup Language.

The result is the site below:

Now, I know it’s not very fancy or highly interactive, but it’s a start! This time around, I did not use Dreamweaver nor “Phoned a Friend”, but finally found some rather helpful tutorials on Youtube that was very helpful and worked well for me. Feel free to browse the links below:

HTML for Beginners | Lesson 1: The Basics

HTML for Beginners | Lesson 2: Background Color & Common Tags

HTML Beginner Tutorial 1 Make a Website Using Only Notepad!

HTML for Beginners | Lesson 3: Links

HTML Beginner Tutorial 2 Fonts and Images

How to Create Web Pages Using HTML: How to Add a Background Image to a Web Page

HTML Tutorial 09 – Head Title and Meta Tags

How to Add Meta Tags to a Web Page


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