MPM17: Assignment 1, Web 2.0

1)    What does your current digital footprint says about you?

I am aware that over the past few years I have accepted a passive digital footprint which I am technically incapable of controlling. While doing my online investigation, my first step was to google my name and scrutinize what was listed. Below are a few links that popped up.

  • Iphia Henry – Canada | LinkedIn, Toronto, Canada Area – Graphic Designer

From my search, the impression I got from googling myself was of an individual who participated in several social and professional networks which showcased current as well as previous employment positions and professional interests. Also found listings regarding recreational interests such as contest, fashion and several social media sites such as Tokbox, LinkedIn, Flickr and Facebook to name a few. I also used other websites such as henry and to further track my online presences. I am not overly disappointed with what I found but I am thoroughly NOT impressed.  There are particular sites that I would like to have presented on the first page when my named is googled for example Unfortunately, due to my lack of knowledge regarding HTML and search engine optimization (SEO), improving the visibility of my current portfolio web site has been a problem.

2)    Would you want an employer or teacher to see that? What do you want it to show and say?

I personally would not appreciate that a potential employer or teacher would pass judgment regarding my professional abilities based on my current online visibility.  I would prefer to exhibit a coherent professional persona by presenting a more professional website or web presence which appropriately exhibited my designs and services effectively. Hopefully when I finally have a more visually appealing portfolio website, it would be the first thing pulled up when someone Google’s my name! That would help make individuals more keen to consider me for future projects and employment opportunities.

3)    My digital Identity:

Below is a list of links which I believe best shows my professional path at this time. My plan during my years at Ryerson is to further develop and drastically improve the appearance of my digital foot print.


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